Winning friends

I’ve never been amazing at networking, and these days I feel really out of practice. The last couple of years haven’t helped: the move to a new state, losing my social circle, working remotely with clients primarily via email and Slack… it’s been isolating. I feel like I’ve sort of lost the art of conversation–it’s a skill that needs to be used to keep fresh.

But I’m working to get it back. And I’ll have to, if Grow Camas is going to have a chance to succeed. My ability to make a difference in Camas and Washougal is entirely dependent on building connections to the community. Which is entirely dependent on the art of conversation.

I do love meeting people, though, and am confident I can get back into the swing of things. Today was a good start. A friend introduced me to a local business owner who could become a Grow Camas business partner and maybe even a potential future friend. We talked for 3 hours! He described his company. I outlined my vision for Grow Camas. It seems like we share a similar worldview. I learned a bit about the Camas business community. We laughed a lot. I drank coffee. It was good.

Feels like things are starting to happen. Just need to keep at it, one step, one conversation, one new friend, at a time.

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