Why I Make Art

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Why I make art

An evolving explaination and justification for my actions

I’ve thought a lot about the fundamental questions like, “Why am I doing this?”, “Who is it for?”, and “Why would anyone care?” It’s easy for me to approach this question unfairly and without a certain self-compassion, but I hope these answers are positive and honest. The reasons change over time; here’s the answer today.

1. I believe that art helps the world.
Art can help you better understand the world by showing the universal in the common, the sacred in the profane, truth in abstraction.

2. Art can spark ideas that can directly change the world.
Art allows you to see through the eyes of another, to understand that there’s more than one way to see and express the world.

3. Art can evoke powerful emotional responses, from tranquility to outrage, from disbelief to confirmation, from joy to sadness. You are made richer by touching and sharing these emotions.

4. Art brings beauty into a world defined by pain.
Art transforms your environment. I have art in my home that gives me pleasure every time I see it.  

5. Art is a conduit of meaning between artist and viewer.
Creation is a personal experience, the result of which is the piece of art. The experience of making that piece, plus the artist’s life up to that point, are all encoded in the art. But then the viewing of art is also a personal experience; the viewer brings all their knowledge and opinions and experiences with them when they view work. The connective tissue between these two personal experiences is the artwork itself, charged and ready to make that connection.

6. Art is a link between generations and passes our stories on to the future.

7. Making art gives me purpose.
I’m finally understanding how I fit into the world. It was a difficult, circuitous route to get here. 

Thank you for reading

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