Update plus Go Camas release candidate

The Grow business building is going apace. I’m making new connections, which feels wonderful, and beginning to get some broader exposure in the community. It’s not happening as fast as I would like—nothing ever does—but it is happening.

This week, Grow will make its debut appearance at the town’s monthly ‘get out night’ called “First Fridays”, which is exciting. This is a public event, so not really the most relevant venue for a B2B business, but being out along side my future partners helps build awareness. If nothing else, it’s more practice for public speaking.

In the near future, Grow will also appear in the local newspaper. This is exciting; print is still relevant in a community like Camas. Not exactly sure how the article will read, but even just spreading the word and getting our mission out there is a win. More details to follow.

Parallel to this, I have been working on a more launch-ready version of Go Camas. The original pre-MVP that I finished at the end of last month was… not sufficient to show local businesses. This version 1.0 site will be (is). I feel a great deal of urgency to get it done and out into the world, before competitors appear; I shared this idea with others and think they might be acting upon it. Not that having multiple websites would be a deal breaker, but it makes the conversation with businesses harder, especially since I don’t yet have all the necessary relationships built.

I feel such gratitude for the folks who have reached out. This is a great community. We’re still in very early days, but I’m hopeful. Feels like I’m on the right track.

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