John Cooney

Ron came to Armor Games several years ago and has been redesigning and maneuvering our company to success ever since. He seems to be working on just about everything in the business, and it makes a lot of sense when you get to know Ron. He seems to be great at just about anything he’s involved in. He’s helped and improved many different facets of the company. He’s a positive leader, organizer, and thinker.

Ron’s greatest strength is his creativity. He’s always coming up with interesting and creative solutions in his design work. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I can describe something to him and he can conjure it like magic on his screen. He’s a wizard when it comes to creating new and amazing things.

There’s an unnaturally-high positive energy that flows from Ron. From the moment he walks in the door, to the first meeting, to the end-of-day goodbye Ron is upbeat and excited about what he’s doing and what others are doing.

Ron is an incredible, creative guy. That is the only way I can start to describe the kind of person he is and the work that he produces. It’s been a privilege working and learning from him. He’s pretty awesome all-around and anyone who gets to know him will agree.

John Cooney
Director of Premium Games, Kongregate