Starting from scratch

It feels like its been a lifetime since I last started a business. After almost a decade of building products for others, both internally and as a consultant, it’s wonderful, fulfilling, intense, daunting, exhilarating, and exhausting (and other verbs) to be back in full entrepreneurial mode. And surprising, if I’m being honest. I really didn’t plan on going through this process again, and certainly didn’t consider on going alone. In the past, I’ve always had business partners. Solo is different.

Such is life, I guess. Things happen. I wish I was following some intentional plan, but often I’m just doing the best I can given the circumstances. Sometimes it’s rough, but things usually work out. Looking backward, all the dots seem to connect. It’s just hard when you’re in the middle of it.

Grow Camas came from a need for my work to have meaning, and the desire to live a purpose-driven life: doing good, helping others, making a difference. I want to look back at my career and feel like the time was well spent. Ultimately, this is a business and my livelihood, so it needs to succeed, but in this case success isn’t just measured on the balance sheet.

I feel so much smarter–maybe “wiser” is a better term–then in the past. I’m both more realistic and more hopeful. I’m more accepting of others and of myself. I’m know I’m not ‘great’ at many things, but I’m decent at a lot of stuff. The breadth of experiences, competencies, attitudes, and patterns that helped me succeed in previous startup environments will be put to good use.

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