Just do it. Do it now.

Just do it. Do it now.

Your nascent entrepreneurial stirrings won’t leave you alone. You have a persistent desire to create. An unexpected, irrational, unsated interest in some topic. Some new things that you’re unexplainably good at. Perhaps you have a persistent, sub-dermal, nape-of-your-neck, back-of-your-mind, feeling that there’s more to all of this and that you can do more, be more in this life.

You know what I’m talking about. You’re feeling it now, or you’ve felt it before. Whatever it is that you’re thinking about, I can’t say this strongly, loudly enough:

Just do it.

Whatever it is, do it now.
Right now, not next time, now.
Do it even if it doesn’t makes sense.
This isn’t about practical.
Do it because you love it.
Or because you’re good at it.
Do it even if you know you’ll fail.
Do it especially if you’ll fail.
Success or failure doesn’t matter–doing is what matters.
Allow yourself to be a student.
Ask questions. Find answers. Absorb everything.

The end result of doing is a building block.

You can stack these blocks and reach new heights.

Put the blocks side-by-side and build a wall or a structure, something that can contain or hold back. Something to weather a storm or a place to be. Something that is yours.

These building blocks are equity. They are valuable, a resource that you can use to make something new. They come in all shapes in sizes. Practicing guitar is a building block. Forming a group is a block. Writing an article. Researching an interest. Making a connection. All these are building blocks.

It doesn’t matter too much what “it” is. “It” is different for every person. Your “it” isn’t my “it”.

“It” is everything that you do moves you further towards something else. What you do will inform the next thing. Ideally, you’re moving towards a good thing. Something that will make you or others happy. But regardless, “it” moves you in some direction. It’s a piece of the puzzle. A step along the way. It’s rolling the dice, moving your token, passing Go.

If you don’t to do anything you have no rolls of the dice.

You have nothing to work with. All you have is unrequited love for something that never materializes. So you stay in one place. You spin your wheels. You get nowhere. You live an unfulfilled life.

All this is so obvious to anyone who thinks about it. Then why don’t more people ‘do it’?

Are people lazy? I don’t think so. Humans as a species are productive, we solve problems, we don’t settle. Human progress is based upon this concept. See a need, fill that need. Humans are an industrious people.

So why do so few of us “do”? I think it’s fear.

Would more people “do” if they were assured success? Are we inert for fear of failure? Yes.

We have created a society that celebrates success, in whatever form, and shuns failure. We only tell others about our positive results. Our wins. Never the losses. We don’t share the ugly, dirty, foolish, messy steps that we had to take along the way. We live as if there are only two states: ‘rousing success’ or ‘abject failure’.

This is the problem.

What if you didn’t have to succeed? What if, like a child, you could just “play”? Try stuff out. Experiment. What if the stakes were so low that you could pursue new ideas without reservations?

Good news: you can… if you choose it to be.

If you decide that it’s OK to try and fail, it is. If you decide that being interested in something is enough justification to put energy towards it, it is. If you decide that what you might create is more valuable to you than the Netflix you might watch or the candy you might crush, it is.

Despite all the world’s troubles, right now is the most epic, amazing time in history. Despite mounting social and economic pressures, we are afforded amazing freedom and opportunity. Now is the time to do “it”.

And “it” is easier than ever before. Want to create the next great American novel? Dictate it and Siri will write it down for you, just like she’s transposing this now. Are you an aspiring filmmaker? You have a movie studio in your pocket. Interested in bass fishing, or middle eastern tile work, or Brazilian history? You can find the information to help you build your next block with a tap and swipe.

So it really comes down to choices. What do you choose to do? How do you choose to spend your very short life? Who do you want to be?

You are a product of your actions. No matter what you feel, what you believe, what you dream and hope for, what matters is what you do. It’s what you put out there. It’s the actions you take. It’s the blocks you make.

And how you put them together.

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