iSpin N°7-10. 2016.8.3.

Today’s experiments were a continuation of yesterday’s, with the exception that instead of the subject moving, I moved the camera while making the picture. In this case, I photographed a favorite place in the forests of Washington, a place I often return to for inspiration and recharging.

Of course I’ve employed camera-movement in my work before, as I look to employ the unique attributes of photography prominently in my work (depth of field, perspective, exposure length, etc.). I suspect that I think about the camera differently than most photographers; fundamentally, it’s just a tool for recording light, and I don’t fetishize tools. They’re a means to an end. Do painters routinely interrogate each other about what brushes they use? I doubt this.


P.S. Part of me criticizes today’s experiments as being too safe (meaning, I had a pretty good chance of making something not-terrible). Success means “it’s time to try new things” and failure means “you’re trying new things”. Tomorrow I hope to fail more.

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