Grow Camas: the name is a quandary

I’ve been working with my nose to the grind stone for the last week, trying to spin up my Camas-focused digital marketing agency. It’s always frustrating when things take longer than you want them to, even if you acknowledge that you’ve set unreasonable expectations on yourself. I NEED to get this going–I’m antsy to start working, meeting new people, building this business, making an impact in the community. And to be honest, it needs to be a profitable venture, and at the moment profitability feels some distance away.

I’ve been developing this project with the name “Grow Camas”. It feels strong because: 1) it’s short, easy to remember, and available, 2) it (should) resonate with the audience, and 3) it clearly states the mission. It’s a noun that works like a verb. It works as “Grow, Camas” and “Grow” and “Grow Camas”. There’s a lot to like.

But is it a good name? I’m having second thoughts. Naming is extra difficult when it’s for your own projects. I never vetted any of the results of the name exploration I completed a couple weeks ago; I just looked at what I had done and went with the one that ‘felt’ best. The one I imagined saying when talking to local businesses.

But, and this is a big but, it doesn’t give any hint to what it does.

So, I’m thinking of making “Grow” the name, and deprecating “Camas” and connecting it to a service descriptor. Such as:

GROW | Camas Interactive
GROW | Camas Digital

These are more descriptive but getting long and a bit clunky. Maybe I could try:

GROW CAMAS | Interactive

This keeps the original benefits, adds a descriptor, and I could drop the “interactive” part in conversation. It would be written as, “Grow Camas Interactive” but I would say “My agency, Grow Camas…”.

Alternately, I could make “Grow Camas” a separate business entity. It certainly feels like a non-profit. Then I would make “Camas Digital” the primary name, which is very accessible but generic and doesn’t speak to the mission. The feels like the wrong answer.

I need to think about this more, but not too long. I need to start creating marketing collateral. I have a good sense of the brand, the promise, the mission… but confidence on the name still eludes me.

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