Grow Camas is live

Finally… is soft launched. Technically the site went live about a week ago, but it wasn’t quite “ready-for-prime-time” until today, meaning it was not at MVP. Grateful to everyone who provided feedback; through the revisions I clarified the value proposition and simplified the design / removed some visual noise. Dieter Rams: “Good design is as little design as possible.”

In this case, I defined the minimal viable-ness of the product as needing to be good enough to show to local companies and develop business relationships. I think it’s there, if just barely. The coming weeks will show steady improvement as I flesh out the content and clean-up a few remaining issues (things like fixing the style of the error messaging in the forms).

The only remaining question I have is, “Do I have market fit?” I priced the product as low as I can and still have a sustainable business, but is there a big enough pool of clients? Initial, limited research suggested ‘yes’, but only time will tell.

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