Go Camas! is live

GoCamas.com soft-launched yesterday, meaning the site is live but no promotion has started. The site is not even minimally viable as I defined it; still missing important bits on some of the listings, one of the three content primary sections has so little content that it should be hidden, there are links to sites that I haven’t made yet, etc. Not ideal! But Go Camas! is live, making it easier for me to start soliciting feedback from folks in the community.

This project also allowed me to try out Flywheel, a WordPress platform that streamlines local development. So far, I like it a lot. Compared to what I had to do previously: set up a XAMPP environment, perform all the installs manually, deal with database permission and path issues… this is a huge time saver. I anticipate the deploy experience will be equally pleasant. Flywheel is primarily about hosting, which I haven’t used yet, so I can’t speak to it. I find the hosting pricing to be quite reasonable for revenue-generating products but cost-prohibitive for projects that have no direct monetization (like this one).

It has been said that if you’re not embarrassed when launching your product, you waited too long. Well, I didn’t wait too long. 😉 But seriously, this is the first small step in the right direction in making a difference in my community.

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