Strengths / Domain Expertise

Strategic thinker

The ‘why’ is as important as the ‘what’. I strive to understand all aspects of the thinking that goes into a project so we arrive at the best possible solution. This means gathering every bit of available data, understanding the overarching goals, knowing the customer like they’re my best friend, and sometimes dislodging prevalent assumptions.

Professional and accessible

I work to seamlessly integrate with your team, keep your working hours, and use your communication methods. Familiar with Slack, Basecamp, Pivotal, and Trello. Or I’ll learn how to use your homegrown solution.

Reliable, effective communicator

Nearly all design problems (and probably problems in general) are caused by a lack of information. Don’t have a design communication process in place? No problem – I’ll help you establish one.

Creative outlook

Defining characteristic: curiosity. I embrace ambiguity, avoid assumptions, and suspend judgement. This succeeds in environments where, “I don’t know—let’s find out!” is an acceptable answer and fails where confirmation biases rule. Design is problem-solving, and problem-solving starts with asking questions.

Domain Expertise


  • Industries (technology): automotive, entertainment, beauty
  • Video games: mobile, social, F2P, core
  • Minimizing user acquisition costs
  • Low-cost retention strategies

Digital subscriptions / services

  • Customer acquisition: social, promotions / advertising, SEO
  • Retention strategies: content design, new feature ideation
  • Product valuation / ROI

E-commerce / digital products

  • Building brand loyalty through compelling experiences
  • Promotion initiatives and events
  • User engagement, gamification, social