I make stuff.

Hey, it's me!

Value Proposition

Thank you for your attention – I’ll try to make the most of it.

This site was created to communicate the value I can bring to your organization. I am a visual artist, user experience designer, and passionate creator interested in solving meaningful problems.

Value Proposition

  • Strategic thinker
  • Professional and accessible
  • I work to seamlessly integrate with your team, keep your working hours, and utilize your communication methods. Don’t have a design process in place? No problem – we’ll help you establish one.

  • Reliable, effective communicator
  • Nearly all design problems (and probably problems in general) are caused by a lack of information. I work hard to bridge that gap.

Domain expertise

  • B2C
    • Entertainment industry: video gaming (mobile, social, F2P, core)
    • Minimizing high user acquisition costs
    • Males 12-28
  • Digital subscription-based services
    • Customer acquisition: social, promotions / advertising, SEO
    • Retention strategies: content design, new feature ideation
    • Product pricing / perceived value / ROI
  • E-commerce digital products
    • Building brand loyalty
    • Promotions and events
    • User engagement, gamification, social


Puns and verbal wordplay, pizza, making people laugh, making people pizza, people who don’t laugh at my pizza, thoughtful conversation, boardgaming, geekery (esp. sci-fi / fantasy), amazing clouds, art galleries, waffles, whiskey, and many other things that start with ‘W’.


I’m a hands-on product director with a background in marketing and UX/Visual design.

Let’s make something great together! Let’s make measurable and positive impact in the world.

Thank you for reading and your consideration.

/Ron Johnson