iSpin N°7-10. 2016.8.3.

Today’s experiments were a continuation of yesterday’s, with the exception that instead of the subject moving, I moved the camera while making the picture. In this case, I photographed a favorite place in the forests of Washington, a place I often return to for inspiration and recharging.

Of course I’ve employed camera-movement in my work before, as I look to employ the unique attributes of photography prominently in my work (depth of field, perspective, exposure length, etc.). I suspect that I think about the camera differently than most photographers; fundamentally, it’s just a tool for recording light, and I don’t fetishize tools. They’re a means to an end. Do painters routinely interrogate each other about what brushes they use? I doubt this.


P.S. Part of me criticizes today’s experiments as being too safe (meaning, I had a pretty good chance of making something not-terrible). Success means “it’s time to try new things” and failure means “you’re trying new things”. Tomorrow I hope to fail more.

iSpin N°1-6. 2016.8.2

iSpin N°1-6, 2016.8.2.

Amazing August continues!
Here’s the results from today’s experiment, which I’m calling “iSpin”. For this fun little project, I photographed an iPad whilst it spun on a turntable. It was a kaleidoscope of color! Some of the biggest variables: the source picture selection (in these cases, I photographed pictures of my own work), and the length of the shutter because this controlled blur and the overall quality of the image as well as exposure, and the rotation speed of the turntable.


Stick Arrangements #5 and 6. 2016.8.1.

These images were made by photographing wooden sticks against black velvet.

New month, new project!
I’m sticking to my commitment to pursue a new, larger project each month, and here’s the first experiments for this month. There will be oh so many more! 😉

I am really excited by the progress I made in the geometric line work I did in July, so I’m diving deeper into that this month. I’m looking into the history of geometric art, learning about notable artists who have done this work, the formation of the style and what movement succeeded it. I’m exploring why it “works” – what are the fundamental principles in play? And perhaps most importantly, I’m engaging in a daily, hopefully fruitful studio explorations.


P.S. Last month’s project (Big Bang) was an (…ahem…) explosive success. I want to offer a sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who offered interest and support of the work!

Big Bang study 1

Big Bang Study 1. 2016.7.8. Photograph.
New project! Here’s the first image in what will become a new project. Not sure all the specifics of the project yet, but it fundamentally deals with knowledge vs. belief, perception, and being OK with not knowing truth. Or pretty lights. Either one. Details to come.